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List Of Authors

Author Profession
Eberhard Arnold Actress
Ed Asner Director
Ed Balls Director
Eddie Arcaro Athlete
Eddie Barclay Writer
Eddy Arnold Writer
Eden Ahbez Actor
Edie Adams Comedian
Edmond About Athlete
Edmondo De Amicis Journalist
Edmund Barton Businessman
Edward Abbey Author
Edward Appleton Composer
Edward Bach Composer
Edward Ball Actor
Edward E. Barnard Actor
Edward Larrabee Barnes Writer
Edward St Aubyn Poet
Edwin Armstrong Musician
Edwin Arnold Actor
Ehud Barak Journalist
Eileen Atkins Public Servant
Elena Anaya Photographer
Elizabeth Andrews Composer
Elizabeth Arden Novelist
Elizabeth Ashley Scientist
Elizabeth Banks Scientist
Elizabeth Barton Scientist
Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Statesman
Ella Baker Actor
Ellen Barkin Businesswoman
Elliott Abrams Educator
Emanuel Ax Musician
Emanuel Azenberg Scientist
Emilie Autumn Actor
Emily Greene Balch Model
Emma Anderson Politician
Enid Bagnold Poet
Eric Allman Photographer
Eric Alterman Actress
Eric Ambler Politician
Eric Andre Musician
Eric Avery Actor
Eric Balfour Politician
Eric Bana Politician
Eric C. Anderson Actress
Erich Auerbach Novelist
Erin Andrews Comedian
Ernie Banks Actor
Ernst Moritz Arndt Actor
Erykah Badu Author
Essence Atkins Athlete
Ethel Barrymore Actress
Ethel Percy Andrus Writer
Eugenie Anderson Writer
Eva Amurri Soldier
Eve Arnold Actress
Evelyn Ashford Athlete
Elbert Hubard

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