Quotes by ' F ' authors

List Of Authors

Author Profession
F. Lee Bailey Businessman
F. Murray Abraham Theologian
Fairuza Balk Actor
Faith Baldwin Politician
Fantasia Barrino Athlete
Farooq Abdullah Musician
Fatty Arbuckle Musician
Fede Alvarez Musician
Felix Adler Musician
Fernando Alonso Novelist
Ferran Adria Novelist
Fiona Apple Novelist
Fisher Ames Politician
Florence Ballard Author
Floyd Abrams Scientist
Fra Angelico Scientist
Francesca Annis Writer
Francis Alys Scientist
Francis Arinze Architect
Francis Asbury Author
Francis Atterbury Inventor
Francis Aungier Poet
Francis Bacon Statesman
Francis of Assisi Writer
Francis William Aston Actress
Francois Arnaud Actress
Frank Abagnale Politician
Frank Auerbach Businesswoman
Frankie Avalon Actress
Franklin Pierce Adams Actress
Fred Armisen Celebrity
Fred Astaire Scientist
Fred Barnes Scientist
Freda Adler Activist
Freddy Adu Actress
Fredrik Bajer Lawyer
Frank Crane

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