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List Of Authors

Author Profession
G. W. Bailey Musician
Gabrielle Anwar Producer
Gamaliel Bailey Musician
Gareth Bale Educator
Gary Ackerman Musician
Gary Barlow Musician
Gaston Bachelard Author
Gemma Arterton Scientist
Gene Barry Writer
Gennaro Angiulo Writer
George Ade Writer
George Antheil Writer
George Archer Actor
George Arliss Musician
George Axelrod Actor
George Ayittey Actor
George Balanchine Businessman
George Ball Businessman
George Bancroft Writer
George Linnaeus Banks Journalist
George Matthew Adams Athlete
George Pierce Baker Poet
Gerard Arpey Musician
Gerry Adams Actress
Gerry Anderson Actress
GG Allin Activist
Gianna Angelopoulos-Daskalaki Diplomat
Gianni Agnelli Diplomat
Gil Amelio Actress
Giles Andreae Actress
Gillian Anderson Photographer
Gina Barreca Athlete
Ginger Baker Lawyer
Giorgio Armani Actor
Giovanni Agnelli Actress
Giulio Andreotti Novelist
Gloria Allred Musician
Gloria Macapagal Arroyo Politician
Goodman Ace Comedian
Gordon Banks Director
Gordon W. Allport Director
Grace Abbott Educator
Grace Baruch Driver
Grant Achatz Chef
Greg Abbott Musician
Greg Anderson Statesman
Gregg Allman Statesman
Gresham Barrett Musician
Guillaume Apollinaire Lawyer

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