Quotes by ' H ' authors

List Of Authors

Author Profession
Helen Keller Citation
H. C. Bailey Artist
Hal Abelson Actress
Hal Ashby Artist
Haley Barbour Artist
Hank Aaron Clergyman
Hank Azaria Clergyman
Hank Ballard Politician
Hannah Arendt Politician
Hans Christian Andersen Philosopher
Hans Urs von Balthasar Saint
Harold Acton Scientist
Harry Anderson Actor
Harry Banks Celebrity
Harvey Ball Artist
Hasil Adkins Actor
Hawa Abdi Writer
Hayley Atwell Comedian
Helen Andelin Actor
Henri Barbusse Journalist
Henri Frederic Amiel Educator
Henry Adams Athlete
Henry Addington Writer
Henry Allingham Actor
Henry Campbell-Bannerman Actress
Henry F. Ashurst Journalist
Herb Alpert Athlete
Herbert Baker Politician
Herbert Baxter Adams Musician
Hiam Abbass Philosopher
Home Run Baker Actress
Honore de Balzac Actor
Hosea Ballou Criminal
Howard Bach Playwright
Howard Baker Composer
Howard Barker Athlete
Howard H. Baker, Jr. Actor
Hugo Ball Writer
Howard Schultz

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