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List Of Authors

Author Profession
Karl Marx Philosopher
Kamal Ahmed Musician
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Soldier
Karen Allen Actor
Karen Armstrong Historian
Karl Abraham Politician
Karl Barth President
Kate Adie Actor
Kate Atkinson Politician
Katharine Anthony Politician
Kathy Acker Politician
Kathy Baker Actor
Katie Aselton Actor
Katy B Politician
Keegan Allen Celebrity
Keiko Agena Actor
Keith Barry Physicist
Kelley Armstrong Poet
Kelly Ayotte Public Servant
Ken Adam Celebrity
Ken Auletta Actor
Kenneth Anger Judge
Kenneth Baker Writer
Kenneth Joseph Arrow Writer
Kenny Baker Actor
Keren Ann Clergyman
Kevin Ayers Scientist
Kevin Bacon Sculptor
Kevin Bales Director
Kevin Barry Politician
Kevin J. Anderson Actor
Kevyn Aucoin Novelist
Kingsley Amis Musician
Kiran Ahluwalia Poet
Kirk Acevedo Scientist
Kirstie Alley Politician
Kofi Annan Politician
Kojo Annan Actor
Konrad Adenauer Composer
Kris Allen Actor
Krista Allen Novelist
Kristen Anderson-Lopez Poet
Kristin Armstrong Scientist
Kurt Andersen Businessman
Kurt Angle Scientist
Kyle Abraham Author
Katharine Hepburn

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