Quotes by ' L ' authors

List Of Authors

Author Profession
Lance Armstrong Writer
Lascelles Abercrombie President
Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen Physicist
Laura Ashley Entertainer
Laura Bailey Musician
Lauren Ambrose -
Lauren Bacall Actor
Laurie Anderson Author
Laurie Halse Anderson Author
Lawrence Barrett Actor
Laz Alonso Writer
Lee Atwater Writer
Leigh-Allyn Baker Politician
Lemon Andersen Statesman
Leo Baekeland Writer
Leon Askin Designer
Leonard Bacon Designer
Leonard Bailey Poet
Leonid Andreyev Environmentalist
Les Aspin Actor
Leslie Banks Cartoonist
Lester Bangs Dancer
Liane Balaban Soldier
Liberty Hyde Bailey Politician
Lily Allen Explorer
Linden Ashby Historian
Lindsay Anderson Politician
Linwood Barclay Director
Lionel Barber Actress
Lionel Barrymore Model
Lloyd Banks Director
Loni Anderson Actress
Lord Acton Activist
Lord Amherst Author
Lorraine Adams Scientist
Lou Barletta Writer
Louie Anderson Novelist
Louis Agassiz Actress
Louis Althusser Actress
Louis Aragon Actress
Louis Armstrong Actress
Louis Auchincloss Politician
Louis Bacon Politician
Lucille Ball Actor
Lucius Accius Comedian
Ludovico Ariosto Athlete
Luigi Barzini Actress
Luis Barragan Writer
Luther Allison Psychologist
Lyle Alzado Theologian
Lyman Abbott Journalist
Lynda Barry Author
Lynn Abbey Writer
Lynn Anderson Activist
Lynn Barber Actress
Lynne Reid Banks Director
Lysette Anthony Musician
Lee Jampolsky
Luan Legacy Writer
Lisa Hayes

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