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List Of Authors

Author Profession
P. T. Barnum Activist
Paddy Ashdown Scientist
Pamela Adlon Writer
Pamela Anderson Actress
Pat Barker Writer
Patricia Arquette Businessman
Patrick J. Adams Businesswoman
Paul Allen Actor
Paul Anka Actor
Paul Arden Actor
Paul Auster Poet
Paul Bailey Actor
Paul Thomas Anderson Artist
Paula Abdul Author
Pearl Bailey Actress
Pedro Almodovar Actress
Pedro Calderon de la Barca Celebrity
Penn Badgley Dramatist
Peter Abelard Politician
Peter Abrahams Designer
Peter Ackroyd Athlete
Peter Agre Playwright
Peter Andre Poet
Peter Arnett Author
Peter Arno Leader
Peter Asher Celebrity
Peter Banks Author
Peter Barnes Actress
Peter Bart Athlete
Peter Lewis Allen Actor
Phil Anselmo Actor
Philip Armour Director
Philip James Bailey Architect
Philip Warren Anderson Writer
Phillip Adams Writer
Piers Anthony Businessman
Pietro Aretino Journalist
Poul Anderson Musician
Primo Angeli Author
Prince Andrew Celebrity
Princess Anne Politician
Paula Hawkins

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